What We Are About

The Goal – Eliminate the Middle Man

The main goal of A&R is to provide the proper business tools and knowledge to those in the creative businesses of music, fashion, and art. We want them to succeed and handle business without the middle man to create endless opportunities and success for their brand.

Online Presence – Capitalize off the Internet

The Internet has made it super easy to be successful, and have your talents seen and heard. Let us teach you how to maximize your exposure, and not only promote your  music, fashion, or art, but create a lasting and dominate online presence.

Dominate – More than a Magazine

We aspire to be more than a magazine. We understand that there are endless ways to teach creatives and not everybody learns the same. Our goal is to exhaust all efforts and channels to teach and inform you of numerous entrepreneurial tactics.

Support – We are here for you

We want to help creatives in anyway possible. If there are questions or anything you feel should be a topic of discussion hit us up at info@anrmag.com

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