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You could have been anywhere on the net but you’re here with me and I appreciate that! I want to kind of give a little insight on what A&R is aside from the business format of our vision, mission, and all that good stuff. I more-so want to touch on the expectations and purpose things of that nature. Our motto here at A&R is we are here to help, and we truly mean that. This is a space for you..Creatives! The aspiring artists who want to learn more about putting their music out there, or certain laws that protect your music. Or you the dope graphic artist or the abstract painter were here to show you how to sell your work on numerous platforms, how to network and get your work in galleries, how to utilize your social media for show and profit, and of course you the designer who has a good sense of style and wants to create a line that lasts and not just fades with the trends or gets lost in the masses, I’m here to give you tips for all that! Were coming at you in all directions! Were doing interviews with those already established in your field who did it on their own and getting their insight and best advice, Were doing videos, newsletters, and webinars with different topics ranging from business to law to social media marketing all thing with a worksheet to help.
Were informing you of different events to promote your business. Were on social media engaging with you all and offering motivational  and inspirational tidbits to keep you motivated and educated. I want to be able to engage and reach each of you in whatever channel suites you.
We have a page for each of you creatives dedicated to providing specific information for your gift, so feel free to take a look around.


I’m Jazz and I’m here to help You (smiley face) I am A God-fearing, sneaker loving, creative connoisseur, at least I like to think that. My background is in Marketing and Music preferably the label side of it. I started A&R 5 years ago, and am just figuring out what it was really meant to be mini moral of the story: never give up on your dreams. My main goal is to educate those in the creative realm (Music, Fashion, and Art) to be more conscious in the business and branding aspect of their gift. I just want everybody to win is my  Motto.
Here are 5 other things you should know about me:
1. I tried a million times to come up with a cool acronym for A&R. It’s started as Artist and Representation (of the culture) today its Artists Read as in all the information I offer  you, it will help I promise. Tomorrow who knows  it could be Apples and Raspberries..I’m still working on that.
2. I love music, sneakers, and New York, I’ve actually worked in New York promoting music wearings sneakers that I love. One day I hope to move back and buy more…. you guessed it sneakers.
3. I have a passion and Bachelors in Marketing, but I somehow while living in Texas stumbled into the Legal field. The law is very important friends it sometimes can keep a lot of money in your pockets. Stick around and you will see how.
4. I’m a very private person when it comes to social media but I put that to the side and got over it to be all in your face everywhere I can…Instagram, Twitter, YouTube videos Podcasts even Facebook. I’m like that friend who adores you so much they just always want to help no matter what, so by any and all means I will try and get your attention its for the good though. All to what? Whats my motto??? Yup see you win.
5. Last but not least I’m a Sagittarius that right there alone should get me all the cool points in the world with you. We like totally rock…lol
Want to Learn More About some of the things I mentioned?? Sure you do click here to download the first Issue of A&R Magazine and don’t forget to download the worksheets (there easy and will help you with your website, social media accounts, branding and marketing.)

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